Everything and anything!

Transcendence itself is focused on the process of identifying root motivators and limitations as a catalyst for removing obstacles in every aspect of your life. The only thing that changes from client to client is the initial discussion used to bridge the gap between how you currently think and how you ultimately want to feel. We will start with the obstacles you see, and then work towards the obstacles you don’t.

Some typical examples of initial discussions:

  • Motivation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Leadership
  • Doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Social Awkwardness
  • Fear of Judgment
  • Relationships
  • Parenthood
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship

Sometimes these initial discussions will reveal obstacles that you were not even aware of, and further progress will depend on branching into other seemingly unrelated insights. The effectiveness of your coaching experience will depend heavily on your willingness to be self-honest.

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