Spirituality can often lead to confusion. What should be a sense and feeling of unity becomes lost in scripture, ceremony, judgment, division, and identity. “God” becomes a concept or idea rather than an ever-expanding recognition of our connection and equality. The problem that we inevitably come to face is that, despite our resolute belief in something greater, we do not truly feel its presence or recognize its glory. Spirituality coaching is not about establishing new beliefs, concepts, or ideas – its focus is in removing the perceptions and misinterpretations that prevent us from having a truly religious experience.

True spirituality has no religion, dogma, or creed – the proof of that lies within the very people that many of our religions are based upon (Buddha was not buddhist, Jesus was not Christian). Spiritual confusion is the result of following a path that you do not understand fully – the solution to that confusion is to develop your own path through clarity rather than belief.

Spirituality is not about belief – it is about seeing what is really there. Transcendence is about removing the perceptions and conscious obstacles between you and the recognition of that reality.

“God” is evident to those with the clarity to see it. Our goal is to develop that clarity.

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