Some thoughts on Transcendence coaching, related Videos, Group Discussions, and Public Events.

“My first experience with Life Coaching was with Ray. I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner! He introduced me to true self awareness and personal insight in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment. I highly recommend his services!”

– Lydia

“I had the opportunity to attend Ray’s last seminar and am so grateful for the daily benefits. Mark your calendar for Ray’s next event or better yet call him now!”

– Suz

“If you are ready to make a change, whatever that is to you, then its time you make an appointment. Ray’s ability to strip away the veil of personified self identity and get right to the root of the issue is incredible! Direct, personal and approachable, Ray’s style of life coaching is uniquely universal to all. His forward manner and approach takes away the ability to self rationalize and thus, puts the onus directly in your hands. If you are serious about change, make the call!”

– Aaron

“If you are looking for New Age, trendy, “Metro-spiritual” teachings, you don’t have to look very far. They are readily available everywhere you look. While there are some wonderful teachings out there and many tools available, you may feel like you are “missing” something. If you are looking for a deep understanding of spirituality without the “fluff”, Ray offers incredibly insightful and intellectual discussions that resonate deep within. What I most appreciate about his talks is that he is able to articulate the Truth that many of us feel or sense within, but are not sure how to share, or what it really means. He can describe the indescribable and assist you in your journey to learn, grow and let go of ‘belief’ so that you may find ‘your’ truth. His discussions always resonated with me and left me in a heightened state of awareness, growth and seeking more knowledge. With his background and extensive knowledge and understanding of theology and metaphysics, he is able to present information in a fact-based manner. I’ve appreciated everything he has shared and look forward to more.”

– Sandra (Valley Es-Scentials)

“Ray’s talks are filled with energy and enthusiasm. He speaks from a great knowledge base and has lots to share to spark your own connections and enlightenment… great classes! I would highly recommend attending and listening to him any time you get a chance!”

– Cheryl Turner (Mind Sculpting)

“At a first glance I thought Ray was just another character. Talkative, confident, and extremely knowledgeable. As I spent more time with Ray, I began to see another point of view free from my own egotistical prejudices and have found clarity in my life. It’s because Ray is a person who is genuinely himself that I still call him a friend. I’ve never felt that he was trying to impress or persuade me, but his compassion towards another came from a different source within himself.”

— David H.

“I met Ray at a time in my life when I thought I had total certainty. I knew exactly where I was going, how I was going to get there, and nothing was going to stop me. Despite all this “certainty”, I felt alone and stressed out most of the time. It wasn’t a good place to be, and deep down I knew that I didn’t want to live that way. When I started Individual Awareness Coaching, Ray began to question my carefully built structure of beliefs and self limitations that took me years to create. As the walls began to fall, I felt a great deal of resistance, yet a joyful feeling of liberation that I had never experienced before. I continued to seek Rays guidance as new questions popped up every day. He never gave me an answer, but encouraged me to seek out my own by questioning, journaling, and engaging in deep meaningful conversations in our coaching sessions. Many times during our sessions I would get frustrated as I encountered my own fears and inner programming. However, I didn’t give up because deep down I knew that these meaningful conversations had a purpose.
Now, years later, I feel like I’m growing into the person I was always meant to be. I treat myself like a wonderful friend, and I don’t let others bring me down like I used to. It’s so liberating! This method of coaching is like nothing else I have ever experienced! Ray has a way of finding those deeply buried limitations and bringing them to light so that you can finally let them go. If you are ready to surrender your self-made image, and you really want a taste of true freedom, then I highly recommend coaching with Ray!

– Melissa

“It was two years ago when I encountered Ray. My purpose was to explore the esoteric elements of Wing Chun. He was giving classes in the downtown part of Vernon, B.C. Having been connected to the art of Iaido at a Shodan level, I was interested in a distant but related subject involving the movement of mind and body. As two years have passed since that meeting, I am still visiting Ray on a weekly basis. At this time I am entering my third year and learning about the more subtle elements of this low-key martial arts form. Any sincere Bruce Lee fans would grasp this as a matter of fact.

Where I am learning about my physical body moves during activities with Ray, I am now experiencing related but similar moments of enlightenment during times of “discussion” between physical activities. Needless to say, but important in this testimonial, is the confirmation that mind and body are undeniably one and the same. When Ray speaks about the connection of mind and body I have no choice but to agree with his concepts, views, ideas and insights with regard to the issues that spring from within us, and those issues that confront us from sources that may or may not be problematic.

I have encouraged Ray to continue a program that was in effect last year, which I also attended and which I will again attend when it is possible to do so. To add to the bucket of wisdom that he shares, comes another major, I should say super major element of his person. An element of contemporary necessity, one that faces us at all times. It is this……….the man is “very” swift when it comes to computers! Metaphysical journeys into the mind, delicate kung-fu and the ability to construct a website are three of his many skills. Help! Where was this fellow 20 years ago?

The slippery slope of the mountain that looms in your mind can be eliminated with the proper footwear.”

– Manfred Harter (

“[the subject matter] and Ray have been just amazing. The different topics discussed at our groups were always interesting, and helped to expand your mind. Totally recommend joining the group to anyone.”

– Kari

“Although you may not understand entirely what Ray has said, you will eventually, whether its in 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 years. He is what some would call a spiritual teacher, planting seeds in the hearts and minds of others that eventually blossom. Even though you are confused at first, clarity will eventually dawn upon you, whether it be in the line of the bank or while you’re brushing your teeth.”

– Michael

“I recently stumbled upon your videos and I must say, from my results so far in trying to implement into my life some of the concepts you presented in good clear terms, it looks surprisingly promising. Just watching many of your videos and some of their resonating, logical concepts seems to induce a sense of peace and deeper relaxed breathing, which can afterwards be reliably sustained (good timing finding you, since recently I sorely needed such help to continue in achieving my goals).”

– Anonymous

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