Like Qi Gong, Acupuncture and many other healing arts, the Japanese art of Reiki utilizes the natural bio-electric energy field (‘chi’, ‘qi’, or ‘ki) of our body to promote healing and relaxation. This natural energy is not based on belief, religion, or spiritual alignment but is an innate characteristic of the body and is observable through EKG or EEG scans. Although often disregarded as “new age”, the practice of Reiki is not intrinsically metaphysical and is currently used in many hospitals and care facilities.

Unlike Acupuncture, Acupressure and other energy therapies, Reiki simply uses touch as a connection point between the clients energy field and that of the practitioner. Our body (and the energy associated with it) is always trying to heal itself, but unfortunately (due to stress, diet, habit, or injury) our energy level is sometimes too low to facilitate that healing. With this in mind it is important to remember that the experience of Reiki can differ from practitioner to practitioner depending on their own level of resistance or imbalance – effective Reiki requires more than just a certificate.

Reiki is not a practice of one person healing another, it is simply the “giving” of energy so that a clients own energy field can “get the boost” it needs to properly re-balance itself. A core principle in Reiki is that the body knows exactly what it needs and will use the additional energy to balance itself and redistribute energy to where it is required most.

Reiki works in conjunction with all other medical and/or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. It is a safe, natural, and effective holistic treatment.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • reduces the effects of stress, anxiety, and insomnia
  • promotes feelings of peace, calm, harmony, and positivity
  • helps to clear and focus the mind
  • can help decrease inflammation and accelerate recovery from illnesses and /or injury
  • balances our energy field
  • can assist with chronic problems such as headaches, asthma, depression, etc.
  • can help resolve life issues and serve as a catalyst for positive insight

The benefits of Reiki have been shown and experienced in numerous studies and by countless people around the world but are easy to doubt and question if they are not experienced firsthand. If you share these doubts and questions, don’t worry – once upon a time I felt the very same way. Watch this video for my thoughts and insights during my journey to becoming a Reiki enthusiast and practitioner.

Contact me to arrange a session and let your experience speak for itself.


-$45 for a 30 min session

-$55 for a 45 min session

-$65 for a 1 hour session