90 Minute initial consultation: $50

Coaching Packages

3 one-hour sessions    $180

5 one-hour sessions    $280

10 one-hour sessions    $550

additional time is billed at $10 per 10 minutes

I do not schedule individual sessions. No serious life changes can take place over the course of a single session. Although a single session can provide multiple insights and ideas, the application of those insights in your day to day life will cause unexpected changes and challenges that require more in-depth discussion. When a new insight is challenged it is easy to fall back on old habits and thoughts – without a commitment to multiple sessions you are in danger of squandering an insight that would otherwise change your life.

Why are my rates so reasonable?

To put it simply – because I want to help. I know what it’s like to need help and I don’t believe that people should be charged exorbitant fees for it. Every person that benefits from Transcendence creates a new ripple in the world – and all of us benefit.

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