Transcendence coaching for parents is mainly focused on achieving balance. Being a parent can be very difficult – not only do you have to provide for the basic needs of your child, but you also have to be a model for them to learn and grow from. Often it seems too much to handle and we find ourselves unable to maintain that balance. Either you excel at providing for your child and feel you lack the ability to spend enough quality time with them – or you have committed so much time to your child that you feel your own sense of fulfillment and independence is starting to fade.

Without balance it can be very difficult to know what to do and other problems will start to manifest in your relationship. Your child may grow distant, secretive, hurtful, or defiant. Likewise, you may find yourself becoming offended, hurt, or confused by their behavior. Our focus in coaching will be to develop a sense of empathy and insight – growing your own ability to relate to your child, to recognize the roots of their behavior, and to make decisions with a long-term understanding of their impact and importance.

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