What is it?

It’s a method for developing and building your recognition, understanding, and awareness of the driving forces behind your current decisions.  It is our lack of understanding that leads to unseen consequences (often masquerading as benefits) – understanding those consequences and how they come about is the key to transcending them and creating a truly new experience.

What’s involved?

In-depth conversations intended to inspire new insights, actionable goals for expanding and developing those insights, and a relationship of total honesty. This is not a therapy – it is a chance for you to explore, question, and experience another way of life.

My goal as your coach is to keep you from running in circles by providing a clear direction to a genuine state of self-knowledge and self-awareness. I offer no “crutches”. Transcendence requires the courage to change so that you can develop the strength to change. If you are not ready to challenge yourself, Transcendence is not right for you.

You have to free yourself from the life you’ve created to experience the life you have the potential to achieve.

What are the results of Transcendence?

  • Decisiveness
  • Improved social skills and ease
  • Motivation that doesn’t fade
  • More enthusiasm and less obligation
  • Greater sense of responsibility but less stress
  • A sense of unshakeable confidence
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher frequency of personal insights that, in turn, increase your rate of growth
  • A sense of meaning and purpose
  • A deeper sense of connection with others
  • Improved personal relationships

In Short: you find the change you’re looking for.

What is the difference between the Transcendence and traditional Life Coaching?

Problems/Goals typically addressed by a traditional Life or Business Coach

  • lifecoachesTo make substantial personal change
  • To balance work and family
  • To reduce stress
  • To find direction and support in transition
  • To move forward in something that has been put off for too long
  • To have a sounding board and receive feedback
  • To get more motivation, and have accountability
  • To accomplish a dream or something that is important to them
  • To overcome chaos and create a simpler, more organized life
  • To design a complete life plan including both business and personal goals
  • To discover your passions & values and live them out
  • To have a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality
  • To improve relationships
  • To increase productivity and financial security
  • To have more fun, happiness and passion for life
  • To live a fulfilled life; to leave a legacy

A traditional Life or Business Coach will help you with any of these troubles individually (and, ultimately, superficially). Sometimes you may even need more than one coach just to cover all the individual problems.

With ‘Transcendence’ in mind, the above 16 problems are viewed as one single issue:

  • a lack of awareness of your inner habitual thoughts, limitations, motivators, and identifications that would allow you to change your current experience. Building this awareness addresses all other issues directly and permanently.

In my experience, many of our approaches to our personal problems are like putting a band-aid on an infected wound. They may make the problem look better for awhile, but a bigger problem is building up underneath. Any true therapy or tool should be simple, easy to remember, and easy to apply.

Consider this:

If you had a blindfold on and couldn’t see, would you ask someone to guide you around for the rest of your life?


….Or would you remove the blindfold?

The foundation of Transcendence Coaching

The truth is:

  • You don’t need a coach.
  • You don’t need a therapist
  • You don’t need a guru

All you require is the willingness to explore two fundamental misconceptions that affect every aspect of your life:

Who you are


Why you do what you do

Once a clear understanding of these concepts is developed – your life becomes your own.

distortedreflectionMuch like a circus mirror will distort everything it reflects, misunderstanding the above will mutate and distort everything you do – including your efforts to escape the distortion.

A life coach or therapist will help you develop skills to work around the distortion, or to look at the distortion in a more positive light – but the distortion remains and continues to hinder our ability to grow; so we find ourselves continuously looking for a new teacher, method, or program.

We can’t get rid of the distortion until we address where it is coming from – and we can’t see where it’s coming from until we understand why it’s there.

Conflict in any form distorts the mind. This is a fact, not some opinion or judgment given thoughtlessly. Any conflict between two people prevents their understanding each other. Conflict prevents perception. The understanding of what is, is the only important thing, not the formulating of what should be. This division between what is and what should be is the origin of conflict. And the interval between idea and action also breeds conflict. The fact and the image are two different things: the pursuit of the image leads to every form of conflict, illusion and hypocrisy whereas the understanding of what is, which is the only thing we really have, leads to quite a different state of mind.

— J. Krishnamurti

So, how do you get started?

The good news is that you already have. The first step to Transcendence is to recognize that it’s possible.

From that point – change can really start to happen.

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