Enjoying LifeMy name is Ray and I am the founder of Transcendence Life Coaching. The Transcendence approach to life coaching results from the distillation of over 15 years of practical application, testing, observation, and then even more application. To this day, despite the resounding successes experienced by my clients, I continue to refine the lessons and tools so that they become ever easier to understand and apply.

In my life I’ve been lucky enough to work as a business coach, spiritual mentor, public speaker, residential painter, online entrepreneur, blogger, web designer, marketing coordinator, and many other positions. Perhaps even more importantly, I’ve had what most people would consider to be a “tough life” with experiences ranging from family rejection, homelessness, depression, attempted suicide, alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships of all kinds, crippling loneliness, and much more. I haven’t seen it all – but there isn’t much I’ve missed. I’ve studied Psychology, Motivational Coaching, Business Coaching, Philosophy, Spirituality, and more – only to find an unfortunate truth in each and every instance. The answers we are all looking for were not there – only temporary solutions or even more questions.

Transcendence is based on genuine life experience – you will not find this approach taught in any school or course. My work as a life coach is not a result of theory – it is the result of hard work, insight, and success. Put simply – I offer this service because it works, it works well, and it continues to work regardless of how dire or stressful your circumstances may be.

15 years ago I experienced something that I can only refer to as miraculous. After 20 years of abandonment, self-loathing, loneliness, and despair, I found myself face-to-face with a surprising realization that changed my life forever.
The change in me was so profound and complete that I could no longer relate to my previous life – none of my “normal” perceptions of the world made any sense to me and everything seemed entirely new, vibrant, and surprisingly exciting. Life has never been the same, and even now it continues to get better.

In short – I woke up from my nightmare and realized how I had created it…and how others were doing the same.

Some aspects of Transcendence are directly in line with traditional therapy and coaching techniques, while others contradict those practices completely.

The only way to understand how to be a genuinely fulfilled human being is to be one through your own insight – it does not come from following particular rules, memorizing specific mantras, or acting according to enlightened principles. It comes from within – or it doesn’t last.

The only way to free ourselves is to discover our ability to do it ourselves. That is the basis of Transcendence and the reason for its success rate; the lessons are your own and, because of that, they can never be forgotten. I am not offering to heal you; only you can do that.

I’m offering you a chance to learn how to heal yourself by increasing your awareness (of yourself, your motivations, and your life as a whole). In short, Transcendence provides a way to experience the life you already know is possible but haven’t been able to find.

If you’re truly ready to change, you’re in the right place.

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