lightningstrikesDespite the emergence of programs like The Secret or the Law of Attraction, the fact is that many people just do not understand what manifestation and visualization is all about. We assume too easily that our physical desire will be delivered to us on a silver platter so long as we “feel abundant” or visualize a favorable outcome. If that were the case, every single person would get what they want without any need to grow, learn, or advance their consciousness. Regardless of how greedy, self-involved, or controlling you might be (or your goal might be)…just feel like you deserve what you want and the universe will provide. The “manifestation package” is kept simply in order to be marketable, but the truth is much more involved and powerful.

Manifestation is dependent on Energy and is perpetual. It is not something you do “sometimes”, but rather something you have been doing since the very first moment of your life. The life you currently experience, the day to day activities and trials, are all a result of the manifestation you are already creating. This manifestation is effected by what you think about – but indirectly. What we think about is an indication of our own state of conscious awareness. Someone who lives in an overall state of Fear will think about different things than one who has come to a state of acceptance. The thoughts are a result, not necessarily the cause, of your current level of Awareness – and that is what drives manifestation. We often make the mistake of believing that what we want (which is a result of our state of awareness) is actually what is best for us – this is rarely the case.

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.” – Power Vs. Force

Visualization is often misunderstood to be the governing factor behind what gets manifested; this is not true. Visualization is a tool for raising ones conscious energy. Fear, for example, is a lower state of energy than is Desire. Often our fear of failure is so strong that we need a “carrot” in order to get us moving – this movement is a higher form of energy and therefore manifestation begins to work (though often haphazardly). Visualization is, in fact, a hindrance to some because the very act of leaving the present (or needing a reward for participation in existence) is a lowering of personal energy and thus a deterrent to effective manifestation.

At best, true manifestation is unpredictable. We focus on manifesting more money in our lives and may, in fact, succeed in doing so…but the unintended consequences of our narrow vision usually results in other parts of our lives falling apart (regardless of our new found financial wealth).

consciouslightThe misunderstanding: We assume that our thoughts (of money, security, etc) are what manifest the reality. We assume that our focus on external desires is the driving factor behind the universe ‘giving in’….but the universe doesn’t care what you want individually, its sole focus is on the seamless integration of what is best for the whole (itself – or everyone). Ultimately the absolute best outcome for the universe is Unity and that is the lesson behind each and every experience we have on this planet. The universe may give you what you want, but usually with the purpose of showing you that it’s not what you need – which is why we often simply go from desire to desire endlessly searching for happiness. The end lesson being offered to us is that happiness comes from within.

So, rather than thinking about manifestation as a means of getting one particular object or desire, look at it as a holistic process of creating your entire life experience.

Understand that your intent to manifest a singular desire (ego satisfaction) is a reflection of your level of Awareness and Energy. Your manifestation is therefore also limited by that very same level of energy. Too often people will ask “why doesn’t my manifestation work?” and the answer is, quite simply, because you’re not using enough energy – you can’t, most of it is going towards your ego.

The simple truth: Manifestation is constant and dependent entirely on our level of Awareness and Energy. As you progress through the ego and find a state of courage, less focus is spent on satisfying the ego and more goes into facing oneself. The drive to change the external world begins to disappear and opens the door for inner exploration. Inner exploration opens the door to greater energy and, oddly enough, more complete manifestation.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

When you can limit the amount of energy you put into ego-based thoughts, you will find that you are the absolute definition of abundance in yourself – and your world will follow.

The highest expression of your consciousness is ultimately trying to manifest itself. Let it.

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