Often we get so caught up in what we think is going on, who we think we are, and where our place in the world is, that we forget a fundamental truth.
breatheTake away all your thoughts. Stop. Breathe. Feel the body you are in. Feel the experience you are.
This state of being is free of thought, of time, and of personal identity. It is a place where all your strings are cut and you are left with nothing to hold onto. No concepts, no pleasant beliefs or affirmations, no status; nothing.
Can you deal with that? Does it scare you? Why does it scare you?

We cannot escape sorrow, fear, or pain. These are facts of life, as are their opposites. We have to accept these experiences and observe them. To build a mental barricade of thoughts/beliefs/affirmations just to protect us from feelings we deem unnecessary only limits our capacity within the mind.

Stop trying to feel better. Just feel. Stop.

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