The Eye of I

The beginning and the end is I. And I is Now, and I is Here. Neither I, nor Now, nor Here have any meaning. For there is no Thing other than what is. The I is and is nothing. Nothing cannot be counted, Nothing cannot be measured, Nothing cannot be described. The beginning is also the end and all Things between.

The Eye of I is itself. The I sees its own possibilities with the Eye. It sees Creation in Nothing, it sees what is as itself. The Eye of I observes while the I is observed observing. The Eye and the I are Now and Here.

The possibilities of Nothing span from no Thing to every Thing. Nothing is Here and Nothing is Now. The Eye sees all things between no Thing and every Thing in the Here and in the Now. The Eye is Here and Now.

The Eye sees the I and the I is Nothing. In Nothing is no thing and every thing. The I is both the I and Not the I to the Eye. The Eye sees the I and does not see the I between no Thing and every Thing. The Eye that sees is the Eye that does not. The Eye that does not is seen by the Eye that does. The I is the Eye.

In the Eye We exist, to the I We do not. The I is what is, the Eye sees what is. The Eye is the Beginning and the End, the I is Eternal.

7 thoughts on “The Eye of I

  1. Hi, i really like what you write cos its what came to me as well. I would like to know more about creating past in the future which is created in the present. now. Its amazing aint it ? the truth ? I’m still blown away by it. Being more aware now and appreciating everything in life.

  2. Very good. Seems you are taking from the book of eternal knowledge. Those that find it are quite fortunate. I figured on other post of duality that you would understand and walk the higher dimensions. No need to make a religion out of it. Religion (in the way most people view it)is mearly an instrument for coping in the hopes of understanding. What this knowledge is cannot be explained. It is its own definition and we can only hope to create a mechanism/s that could lead others to the conclusion that infinity is within them. Very hard to do in a western environment. A little easier with eastern philosopy. I too, am working on something offline that I hope others can use as one of these mechanisms. I know this post is a bit choppy so if you like to discuss further via e-mail answerquestionanswer@gmail.com

  3. Interesting how perception is, that all we can believe or percieve is through what we see and think we know, I’ve not any great insight into what you’ve written here as I know not much but what I know and that is very little in my opinion as I still search for whatever it is that I seek and it is slowly revelied in due ‘time’. It does remind of a somthing written long ago, my first ‘poem’ ever if you will, and if you don’t mind I’d like to share it. Now I am not saying that this is and all that is but merely a perception I had at the time it was written. It is still not understood by the writer.

    To Have all known
    and have it lost
    to resurface again
    and the begining is the end
    to have all the began end.

    The begining is the end
    and the end is the begining
    to have life’s meaning
    only to be muddled in a drowning pool of hate
    So the begining is the end and in the end there can be no begining.

    Now it still makes no sense to me and was just a fleeting thought I had sitting in the day prison called School.

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