Recently the idea of “awakening the world” has re-emerged in my mind and I thought this might be a good chance to write about it. There was a point in my life where this idea was very tempting and seemed to make a lot of sense. It’s hard to see something so simple that so many “reflections” are simply not stopping long enough to see…it’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that I could/should be their “teacher”.
There was even a point, earlier on, where I decided to make small, one-page fliers and hand them out to whoever I ran into. These fliers were entitled “The Answer is Simple” and were regularly refused by people out of fear that they were “advertising” or “religious pamphlets”….even when they were read I would later find them thrown into garbage bins or onto the street. I’m not trying to be negative here…in fact I can honestly say that a great many of these fliers ended up in the hands of people who truly appreciated them. I found some of them in the local highschools, in a few restaurants, even hung in someones apartment (whom I had just met that day).
Just a simple message…Be. Nothing complicated, nothing requiring money or a belief structure…nothing requiring work towards a “better tomorrow”. Just a reminder to people that they are already being everything they need to be…just stop and appreciate what you are. Stop trying to change what you are and just Be….the rest will take care of itself.

Well, it’s been a few years since that last attempt. I no longer pass out fliers or try to “speak truth” to the masses….in fact, I say even less than I used to. But words do not make the message….
Almost 2 decades ago I heard something in school that never truly registered with me until right now. The words of Marshall McLuhan….

The Medium is the Message

It isn’t through words that the feeling of “being” can be expressed…it is through actually “being”. Not trying to be a teacher, a philosopher, or an intellectual but just being. What I often forget is how powerful something as simple as simply “being” can be. Quite literally you could go out into the world and talk about anything….absolutely anything….and in the right mindset the feeling and concept of “being” will pass onto the person you are talking with.
It doesn’t require well-worded philosophies…it requires a mindset that comes from not trying to have a particular mindset. You could talk about the color purple, the smell of dew in the morning, or even the horrid noise made by street cleaners at 4.A.M…..anything.

dreamstime_12383008I find it funny that my original flier still comes back into my mind to teach me things. The Answer is Simple…Be. I am the message, not my words.

So where does this leave me? It leaves me with a tremendous joy at the prospect of “being” everywhere that I can. It leaves me feeling happier to do the simple things…walk to the store, talk to strangers, and participate in online discussions.

I would say that the best thing I can do is stop trying to focus on what I think everyone else should be doing. I should enjoy what I’m doing and let change happen as it should. This is one of my main reasons for enjoying the Internet…the anonymity.
I can write articles, leave comments, or drop messages anywhere and none of it is designed to change peoples minds…none of it is designed to teach. It’s all just “off the cuff” thoughts that I feel some small pleasure in being able to type. Even this article here isn’t for your benefit…it’s for mine. Whether or not you benefit from it is up to you. But then there’s my point…I may not be trying to teach you but, through your own will to learn from the reality you are creating right now, I am….and I’m doing it by simply being myself.



5 thoughts on “Dropping “Being Bombs”

  1. F.G.
    This is one of best posts you have written. You have expressed the thought of “be” very elequently.
    I love the idea the the “The Medium is the Message” not the words. Very wonderful thought for today! Thank-you. This is very grounding.

  2. Just the kind of message I need to hear. I’ve been getting caught up in the daily routine and have not been filling me mind with positive messages such as yours to keep me grounded.

    For now, I will just be.

    Thanks again for a reminder.

  3. Outstanding advice…when you mention “being bombs” I’m reminded of the catchy pop tune: “Drop a Bomb on Me” by the Gap Band. If enough people had that type of upbeat soundtrack in their heart, dropped all pretenses and then dropped “being bombs” the world would be transformed. Bravo!

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