flatlandEarlier in the month I was visiting one my “suggested” blogs and mentioned the movie “What the Bleep do we Know?” in one of my comments. The author of the site, Secret Simon, had already seen the movie however…and actually knew much more detail about it than I do. If you have seen the movie are are going to see the movie, I would definitely recommend reading his post. (The Secret of Life – What the Bleep do We know?)

I think the reason I mentioned the movie in the first place is also the same reason I recommend certain music and the occasional book. As you know, I very much enjoy exploring the perception of Unity…in this perception nobody really exists other than me (and my reality)…knowing this, I tend ignore names and histories (if all that exists is the moment, history does not apply anyway) and focus instead in my minds interpretation of what I am seeing (hearing/reading) at the time…why is this particular “thing” in my reality and this time?

If I can focus on just “the moment” then everything has to tie directly to that moment…the mind and reality are connected simultaneously, so all things are a reflection of my current “frame of mind” or perception. (the moment is indescribably small, to the point of not even existing in what we call “time”, so this frame of mind is changing very very quickly, reality changes with it…thus the fluidity of “change” that we experience)

An example of this is walking down the street while talking to yourself (internally or verbally does not matter)…often, if you are not distracting yourself, you find that you are “working things out”. Your mind is flowing through thoughts and you, the only observer of these thoughts, have to choose between acceptance or resistance…you can judge it, or accept it exists and continue to let it flow.

Suddenly, as if on cue, you will see an image, a word, possibly something that triggers a memory (it could be anywhere…advertising, a scrap of paper on the ground, a scrap of conversation you catch while passing) and you realize that this “thing” directly ties to the thoughts that were just flowing through your mind. (this only works when you’re not looking for it)

The history or origin of the sign is not important (who made it or why) but the “connection” is…your reality is trying to answer you (teach you/remind you that you already know).

I think that is why I enjoyed the movie…for the messages that “my mind” heard rather than the messages those speakers intended to give me. In Unity your reality is a personal thing, it is the one thing that is always with you…your best friend, your parent, and your worst enemy (depending on your perception). It speaks to us in many ways, but only if we look at it as “one thing”…otherwise it seems like an infinite amount of messages that have nothing to do with each other.

In my posting “How does does God speak?” I was trying to convey this exact message…I thank you for the opportunity to explore it “just a little bit more”. I guess that is why “Simon” (acting as “my reality”) wrote what we wrote when he wrote it…

Thanks for the lesson.

5 thoughts on “How does God speak? (Continued)

  1. I think you do indeed hear what you need to hear at any moment – especially if you’re listening to someone who’s talking about this sort of stuff. From somewhere or other in your recent posts and responses I got the idea to try not labelling things, so that’s what I did yesterday. The result was astonishing. When I looked at a tree without labelling it as a “tree”, there seemed to be a greater energy there, which was released as soon as the label was taken away. Then I tried looking at other things in the same way and got a similar result. I’ve heard the idea before that the labels we give things put limitations on them, but it’s never made sense to me before. It does now! So – thanks so much for that! I’ve no idea if you really said what I thought you said, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? The message has been heard!
    garnet – Re the water crystals experiment, do have a look at my blog (as FG suggests in his post) – there’s a link to a very recent double blind trial which seems to back up the previous results.

  2. The greatest energy lies in the “self”…by not labelling things you are allowing them to be unlimited (infinite) and thus you get closer to the “self”. You are closer to admitting these things are you…because YOU are that unlimited thing you are allowing them to be.

    Just as your article “What the bleep” played the part of reality for me, I am glad my article returned the favor. Isn’t it fun to interact with an unlimited reality (god)?

    A Forgetful God

  3. The moment is where everything is happening. Any thought interferes with awareness of (connection to) the moment, hindering control of it.

    Being in the flow is just allowing the reality of your mind to flow within the moment. The book, “Flow” by Csikszentmihalyi documents the psychology of optimal experience. The inhibitions to flow are numerous and subtle, so it takes experience and practice to master.

    As a musician I have to be aware of the flow of music even as I analyse and calculate while playing.

    Simon, the “unlabeling” you mention is a wonderful meditation. I remember the epiphany I had after reading “Zen and the Art of Motercycle Maintenance” long ago. Persig takes apart the structure of the moment and notes the powerful knowledge which arises before the label is applied.

    Wonderful fresh thinking from both of you. Keep it up. I feel younger already.


  4. Thanks for your comments, David and FG! I have to admit that I’d never heard of Csikszentmihalyi, but I’m familiar with the sort of experience he’s talking about – as are we all, I’m sure, whether we realize it or not. It’s funny though – I was listening to a talk about “peak experience” on an Anthony Robbins CD, and he suggested a way to to get back there whenever you wanted. The idea was to wait till you were having such an experience and then fix a word in your mind to associate with it. Then afterwards, whenever you said that word to yourself, you could get back into that state. I tried the technique with only limited success – but the word I chose was “flow”!

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