Dealing with Anxiety

It’s not always easy to see where our anxiety comes from when we’re immersed in the experience of being Anxious. This simple trick/tool will help lower your anxiety and allow you the clarity you need to transcend it.
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My perspective on relationships and the reasons they fail or succeed. Some thoughts on independence, co-dependence, change and being whole/fulfilled.

The Ego, Fear of Judgment, and Discernment

The ego is a mechanism and thus it has specific results – one of those results is the tendency to both judge as well as fear judgment from others. Recognize the mechanism and you step outside of its result.


An article I read recently discussed the idea of a “stream” of consciousness. This is a concept known to many and felt by most – that our thoughts and emotions flow like a continuous stream through our minds. The metaphor of a stream has several connotations that we take for granted and never question,

The tools we use (and why we need to throw them out)

In my previous article “The Path (and the danger of having too many tools)“, I was exploring our reliance on certain conceptual tools (or “thoughts”) and how that reliance both shapes and limits our individual and collective lives. The point throughout the article is that our current mentality is nothing more than a combination (of various degrees) of agreed upon ideas that we use to get by in the world around us.

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