An article I read recently discussed the idea of a “stream” of consciousness. This is a concept known to many and felt by most – that our thoughts and emotions flow like a continuous stream through our minds. The metaphor of a stream has several connotations that we take for granted and never question,


The tools we use (and why we need to throw them out)

In my previous article “The Path (and the danger of having too many tools)“, I was exploring our reliance on certain conceptual tools (or “thoughts”) and how that reliance both shapes and limits our individual and collective lives. The point throughout the article is that our current mentality is nothing more than a combination (of various degrees) of agreed upon ideas that we use to get by in the world around us.


Don’t Panic – Conserve your Energy

Sometimes life can throw curve balls at us and catch us completely by surprise. It could be anything from an unexpected bill, losing your job, a personal confrontation, an emergency, etc. And in these moments we tend to feel like the carpet has been pulled out from underneath our feet; everything feels chaotic and “out of control”.

high energy manifestation

Wasting Energy (and mastering the Art of Manifestation)

As with most things, the concept of “manifestation” has an ounce of truth to it but is often misunderstood because of the mentality we use to interpret it. There IS truth to the “law of attraction” but we miss that truth because we look at it from a distorted perception. We think we are practicing the law of attraction (and to some degree we are),

Emerging monarch

Experiencing Radical Change (it’s easier than you think)

Emerging monarchIndividually and collectively we know that something radical has to change in the way we live and perceive our existence on this planet. We feel that we were meant to have greater meaning in our lives than just celebrity worship, racial division, or paying taxes – we know it, but we don’t know how to get to it.


Finding Connection to the Universe – Down and Dirty

Those who know me well know that I have very little patience for “fluff” when it comes to the topic of personal growth or ones conscious journey. It’s far too easy to get lost in pleasant concepts and ideas while simultaneously losing sight of the simple fact that what we generally consider to be ‘reality’ is more awe-inspiring and mystical than one could possibly imagine.


I.A.M. Spiritual Coaching

Individual Awareness/Spirituality is developed upon the simple truth that every religion derives its belief structure from obvious and self-evident truths that are accessible to anyone willing to see them. These truths do not require alignment with any particular belief system or tradition (remember, the Avatars of many religions had no actual religion alignment themselves –


Energy and Manifestation

lightningstrikesDespite the emergence of programs like The Secret or the Law of Attraction, the fact is that many people just do not understand what manifestation and visualization is all about. We assume too easily that our physical desire will be delivered to us on a silver platter so long as we “feel abundant” or visualize a favorable outcome.

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